How can we become a Christian America again?

How can we become a Christian America again?
    WE ARE NOW LIVING in a “Jewish” America. We are no longer living in a “Christian” America. This is our misf0rtune.
    St. Paul, who converted from Jud@ism to Christianity said, “The Jews please not God. They are contrary to all men. They forbid us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved.” (Thessalonians 2)

    This oracle is fulfilled today before our very eyes. Do you remember when the Jews of the The National Jewish Democratic Council, That was led by Ira Forman, launched on an online petition to CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS and ABC, urging them to no longer use the renown Christian publicist, Anne Coulter, as a commentator -simply because she said that “Jews should become Christians.”

    The A*-C-*L-*U which is run and funded by Jews is hell bent on eradicating all public expressions of Christianity by the year 2022. The A*-C-*L-*U is doing this through the Jewish-controlled C0urt system.

    The Jews of The A*-C-*L-*U are molding young childrens’ impressionable minds by guide children to intellectual deviations.

    IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES, which were once Christian Seminaries, are now inundated with Jews who carry with them their age-long Ant!-Christian bias:

    1. Harvard University: 2001-2006, President Lawrence Summers (replaced Jew, Neil Rudenstine).
    I speak with you today not as President of the University but as a concerned member of our community about the issue of ant!-$emitism. I am Jewish.

    2. Princeton University: 1989-2001, President Harvey Shapiro.

    3. Dartmouth College: 1987-1998, President James O. Freedman.
    I dearly wish that my father, who had confronted Ant!-$emitism in finding his early teaching positions, had lived long enough to see the installation of Jewish Presidents at numerous Ivy League and Big Ten Universities.

    THE ISRAEL L0BBY is the most powerful lobby in America now. And Jews are key advisors to American Presidents, beginning with Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and to the present President, Donald Trump

    How can we become a Christian America again?

    How can we stop the Ant! Christian subversion of our nation by the Jews?

    Here is what we must do:

    1. We must all commit ourselves to Jesus Christ and regular Church attendance.

    2. We must all speak out against the Jewish subversion of our nation at every oppurtunity and in every possible venue.

    3. We must tell our Congressmen and Senators that we will not tolerate their cow-towing to Jewish money and influence.

    Then and only then can we save our nation from Jewish ruination. Time is running out.
    We Must Act Now Before It’s Too Late!
    Brother Nathanael
    writer and blogger, founder of Truth Docs .

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