The very secret life of Michael Jackson

The very secret life of Michael Jackson
    The slew of Jews behind Michael Jackson’s career could be said to have advanced the plan of corrupting today’s youth as laid out by the renown Protocols Of The Elders Of Zi0n.

    From his record label moguls to his business manager, from his lawyers to his personal confidants, and even to his dermatologist, Michael Jackson chose to surround himself with a crowd of money-hungry Jews who viewed Michael, not as a human being, but as a piece of merchandise to be used for financial gain.

    For if a role-model who presented himself as an androgynous ‘b0y-girl’ symbol could generate millions of dollars, then Michael Jackson’s Jewish handlers would not scruple to forego warning him of his ‘artistic’ persona’s destructive path which led to his ignoble de@th on June 25, 2009.

    WITH THE HOLLYWOOD RECORD INDUSTRY dominated by Jews, Michael Jackson’s career accelerated to new heights when he left Detroit’s black conservative Motown Records and signed on with the Jewish mega-media conglomerate, CBS Records in 1975. CBS Records was later renamed Sony Music Entertainment in 1991, (still under Jewish control), with a host of subsidiaries, including Epic Records, Jackson’s label.

    Leaving Motown founder Berry Gordy and singer Smokey Robinson, who were his conservative black mentors in Detroit, Michael Jackson was now under the influence of Hollywood Jews and the slew of Jewish serviles attached to the Hollywood record industry.

    These serviles included Jewish business & music managers, Jewish lawyers, Jewish television & concert impresarios, Jewish fashion designers, and Jewish video magnates such as MTV’s Murray Rothstein aka Sumner Redstone.

    MANY ARE OF THE OPINION that due to the decadence and perversity that the Jews of Hollywood promote, Michael Jackson’s life took a turn for the worse. For it was after his move from Detroit to Hollywood that Michael Jackson changed his appearance into a ‘b0y-girl’ image through plastic surgery.

    Soon following his new ‘androgynous look,’ Jackson was charged in 1993 with bad things by Evan Chandler on behalf of his 13-year-old child, Jordan Chandler. (Jackson and Jordan had become friends in May 1992, much to the father’s disapproval and concern.)

    Indeed, after his move to Jewish-run Hollywood, Michael Jackson’s life took a nose dive into the pit of perversity.

    UNDER THE JEWISH INFLUENCE of one of the most powerful figures of the music business, the Jew, Rob Stringer, Chairman of Sony Music Label Group and its Epic Records label, (Jackson’s label), Michael Jackson’s career skyrocketed into a legendary ‘King of Pop’ scenario.

    Rob Stringer, (the younger brother of the Jew, Howard Stringer, who is Chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation), is now involved in a $50 million agreement with AEG Live, Twentieth Century Fox, MTV, and Paramount Pictures — all Jewish companies — for distribution rights to a documentary about Michael Jackson’s final days.

    In other words, the insatiable lust for the money that Michael Jackson can generate even through the unsavory circumstances of his de@th, continues by the Jews of Hollywood. This has been affirmed by Jackson’s music & financial manager, the Jew, Charles Koppelman, who said shortly after Jackson’s de@th, “Michael could generate more money now than when he was alive.”

    MICHAEL JACKSON’S TIE TO JEWISH INFLUENCE did not end with the Jewish moguls of the Hollywood music, film, and video industry - rather - this is where the destructive influence in Jackson’s life all began.

    For not long after leaving his conservative black mentors at Motown Records in 1975, Michael Jackson was placed under the Jewish influence of the high-powered global Business Manager, the Jew, Dieter Wiesner.

    On his Website, Wiesner, who was granted by Jackson the ‘Power Of Attorney’ for all of his affairs, boasts that he formed a “new and excellent team of advisors and lawyers around Jackson that came up exactly to Michael Jackson’s conception.”

    A cursory glance at the list of Jackson’s “excellent team of advisors and lawyers” shows that the names indicate a strong Jewish influence of Michael Jackson’s legal affairs which penetrated deep into the most intimate parts of Jackson’s personal life.

    Names like Allen Grubman (negotiated Jackson’s $30 million deal with Sony Music) - Bertram Fields (represented Jackson during contract talks with Sony Music) - Benjamin Brafman - Joel Katz (Jackson’s lawyer at the time of his de@th) - Bob Sanger (represented Jackson as a ‘close friend’ for 16 years) - and Lance Spiegel (handled Jackson’s child custody affairs) — indicate a preponderance of materialistic Jewish influence.

    Is it any wonder then that Michael Jackson reacted so virulently to this Jewish influence and penned the stinging lyrics of his 1996 rap hit, “They Don’t Care About Us”, singing, “Jew me, sue me, Kick me, kike me.” 

    “WE USED TO HAVE MICHAEL OVER FOR SHABBAT DINNERS,” recalled Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in his reminisces to the Jewish Telegraph Agency about his “warm relationship” with Michael Jackson which began in 1999.

    Rabbi Boteach, in his efforts to convert Jackson to Judaism, escorted him to the Carlebach Shul in Manhattan in 1999. At the synagogue, Boteach introduced Jackson to the Jewish psychic Uri Geller, with whom the rabbi enjoys a very close business relationship. (Jews are always looking for ways to make money out of their ’spirituality’ and connections, like superstar Michael Jackson.)

    Geller, (born in Tel Aviv - now residing in England), seeing dollar signs all over his newly found friend, began courting Michael Jackson, even asking him to be his ‘best man’ at his wedding in 2001. Then in 2002, Geller found his opportunity to capitalize on his growing friendship with Jackson.

    Geller negotiated for a huge amount of money, the now famous TV interview between Jackson and journalist Martin Bashir: “Living with Michael Jackson.” Michael agreed to the interview, but it all turned against him, when Bashir added much commentary which was very critical of Jackson.

    UNEASY WITH MICHAEL JACKSON’S apparent obsession with children, Bashir repeatedly questioned a silent Jackson why he invites children into his room.

    Jackson finally defended himself stating that such activity is natural when the children are of close friends or family.

    Bashir then challenged Jackson on the little known 1993 Child S.A Accusations Against Michael Jackson. Pressing Jackson to respond to the accusations, Jackson refused to answer but did admit that he paid the accuser an out-of-c0urt settlement.
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    THE UPSHOT OF MICHAEL JACKSON’S CAREER as the ‘King of Pop’ is that it was the crass ideology of the Hollywood Jews that encouraged Michael Jackson’s dubious life-style and questionable activities.

    And it was a journalist, Martin Bashir, (born to Christian parents - not unlike this Christian journalist who was born to Jewish parents), who exposed Michael Jackson and his life-style for what it really was.
    Brother Nathanael
    writer and blogger, founder of Truth Docs .
    1. I don't believe reports of Michael Jackson being a pedophile because there were reports that the 1st child accusing Michael Jackson of pedophilia was because his father told him to after he found out MJ was sick of them coming over to his house all the time and using him. Later, after MJ died, the boy came out and said his father told him to lie and MJ's attornies back when the boy accused him gave him horrible advice in telling to pay him off because his attornies said the trial would go on for years.

    2. MJ, the famous one, was not what the media tries to portray him as. He was a grown man that never had a childhood so he said stuck in the so called Peter Pan mode.

      I can identify with that. A right turn filled childhood causes the brain to want to recreate it but with happen endings. I'm like a kid magnet, they just come to be because of the childlike energy I'm giving off. There is NO sexuality to it, animals and kiss are more closely related to their spirits so they are attracted to "good Souls."

      Brother Nathaniel is someone over filled since I find him on YT. He speaks the truth, but where he calls them Jew i call them zionists.
      There are retarded evil Jews, zionists,
      retarded evil Christians, Jesuits,
      and retarded evil Muslims call Wahabists.

      Those 3 are the synagogue of Satan. All will burn in hell for a very very very long time.

      Michael James aka MJ