America is bankrupt.

America is bankrupt.
    The Lie Of The US Dollar
    Now, let’s say you’re looking for work.
    A boss offers you toilet paper with dollar signs on it if you build him a tower.

    You sweat it out, he gives you the toilet paper, and you run to the store, but the bread you bought last week is now a dollar more.
    It wasn’t always this way.

    It all started when a group of Jews founded the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 when everyone wanted to work.

    Your labor was about to be st0len.
    Didn’t matter that the Constitution said we have to coin our own money. For when it comes to Jewish bankers laws are trashed.

    Except if you print your own toilet paper with dollar signs on it. Then you get thrown in jail.

    Law and order is simply jurisprudence ordered for Jews only.

    Now, the Fed is a privately owned bank that steals money into existence and sells it to the government with interest.

    To pay back the interest the Jews created the income tax.

    So the Fed becomes the most powerful and richest entity in the world and sells all the money America needs, and without Congressional oversight, is able to create as much money as they need for their own use.

    With this money the Jewish cabal bribes the US government and everybody in it and turns the government into a robber’s nest.

    Now, how does America $teal money from other countries?

    Take Germany for instance.

    It’s the richest country in the world, its people are industrious, ingenious, and producers of the highest quality machinery anywhere.

    But it’s forced to use the dollar for trade where Jews run international transfers and control the petrodollar via OPEC.

    Any profit left over Germany has to use to buy US Treasuries at low interest.
    If Germany tries to ditch the dollar it’ll be totally wiped out.
    Remember, the allies starved the Germans before to let them know who’s really in charge, Jews.
    When Germany exports its high quality machines to America, it gets paid in toilet paper with dollar signs on it.
    Even if it wanted to own gold instead of dollars it would be forced to store it with the Fed in New York!!!
    It’s in this way America has survived for 50 years with now a minus 100 billion-a-year trade deficit.
    Even Zimbabwe couldn’t lose that much money in a year.

    America is bankrupt.

    When it runs out of countries to steal from it’s game over.
    The lie of the US dollar is like the tooth fairy. She gives you a dime for taking your front tooth.
    I’d rather keep my teeth than be fleeced by a band of Jews.
    Brother Nathanael
    writer and blogger, founder of Truth Docs .

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