The Collapse of America is very soon

The Collapse of America is very soon

    THE DOMINATION OF JEWRY OVER AMERICA is now complete So and The Collapse of America is very soon

    Jews are in control of every sphere of America’s infrastructure. The 3 major areas of Jewry’s vict0ry over the American people are
     1) Banking
     2) P0litics
     3) Education.

    To understand what a “victory” over the Gentiles in America means for the Jews, a simple equation is all that is needed. Jewry wishes to enslave the Gentiles to its own agenda & to eradicate any particularism unique to Gentile culture.

    One of the “particulars” of Gentile culture has been their historical allegiance to the Christian faith and the national customs bound up with that faith. America was once known as a “Christian” nation with a distinct “Christian” culture.

    But the Jews, through their infiltration of academia and the press, have turned America into a secular nation. Yet “secularism” is just another name for “jud@ism.”

    For in a secular society, in which any particular Gentile strain has been diluted, Jewry can promote their Jewish propaganda, UNCHALLENGED, to its maximum effect. This is why the American people have been instilled with a sense of “Gentile guilt” given Jewry’s promotion of the so-called “H0l0c@ust” - which has been proven to be yet another Jewish h0ax.

    Having grown up as a Jew in an upper middle class synagogue, (I am now an Orth0d0x Christian), I sometimes look upon the Gentile people of America with heartfelt pity.

    American Gentiles who all love Christmas, a truly particular Gentile cultural event, have been enslaved to the Jewish phrase, “Happy Holidays,” now enshrined in American greeting cards & public salutations. Yet, “Happy Chanukah,” is plastered everywhere.

    How I wish that Gentiles could see that their culture, their Christian heritage, & their genealogical roots have been robbed from them by Jewry’s plan to take over the world. “Wake up Gentiles!” I continually say to myself, “Jewry has taken even your ancestral history and mixed it with a foreign tincture.”

    Jewry’s victory over America is now complete. The alien domination of an elite, self-conscious group, who see the world in terms of “us” & “them,” has flowed into every pore of American society with its @nti-Christian views.

    On this day of Christmas in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ — Who came to restore the original beauty of man — we must all go into m0urning rather than exultation. For the name of the most beautiful person ever born is hated, vilified, m0cked, and now made “p0litically incorrect” & in many instances, even “illegal,” by the Jews.

    Are we capable of sacrifice dear Americans? For only through imitating Christ’s selfless sacrifice for us by being the salt of the earth, as He taught us to be, can we overturn Jewry’s now complete victory over America?
    Brother Nathanael
    writer and blogger, founder of Truth Docs .
    1. 1) Banking
      2) P0litics
      3) Education
      AND last, but not least: Ownership or control of Mass Media and communications.