China Vs The US Economy

China Vs The US Economy

    THE CENTER OF THE WORLD ECONOMY has shifted to Asia.
    A burgeoning Asian economy centered in Beijing is now threatening to take over the banking system as evidenced in the US financial crisis that no bailout is going to solve.

    Economists say that soon China will supersede the now biggest economy of the world, the USA, especially owing to the current problems of the failed US banks.
     China’s growing economy includes the manufacturing of garments, electronics, and information technology goods. China is now the biggest exporter to the US of garments, computers, computer electronics, and other IT goods. The auto industry, spearheaded by foreign capital, is now growing at a rapid pace in China.

    China is a large recipient of foreign investment. Overseas firms derive exceptionally high profits from their investments in China. Rates of return on manufacturing investments in China are twice the level of comparable investments in Europe.

    The rapid economic development in China is strengthening a China-centered manufacturing base in East Asia. China is also building up its capacity to project power in the region and is pushing outward into other parts of the world causing America’s ally, Japan, much alarm.

    WITH THE ABILITY TO OPERATE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, China is rapidly developing a highly modern milittary that will be the equal of the combined forces of NAT0. 

    “China is developing a modern maneuverable force able to operate anywhere in the world. This force will be as good if not better than Western @rmies. New air-to-air refueling planes are being delivered from Russia.
    Brother Nathanael
    writer and blogger, founder of Truth Docs .

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