What You Need To Know About Google

What You Need To Know About Google
    ALEPH~BET (ALPHABET) , Google’s holding company, are HEBREW letters signaturing Mo$$ad ownership.
    With unprecedented high praise for Israel’s technology industry, then Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, met with Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015 with laudations galore but why they met and details of the meeting were not publicized.

    For when Google chairman Eric Schmidt told a Tel Aviv Conference in June 2015 that Google’s Development Centers in Israel were among the company’s “most efficient offices in the world,” there is little doubt that the Mo$$ad, Israel’s intelligence agency, was and is, deeply (as in deep state) involved.

    (No doubt, Mo$$ad/CIA through their own incorporated tech funding and investment companies and also through a variety of shell companies route light and dark money to Alphabet/Google’s investment arms.)

    Interesting enough, it was the very same year in 2015 when Schmidt and Netanyahu met that Google formed Alphabet as the parent multi-holding conglomerate company to itself in a tricksy two-step restructuring and incorporation process in which it wound up with the “child” (Alphabet) being parent to the “mother” (Google) now incorporated as a subsidiary.

    The two founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, assumed ‘executive’ roles in the new company yet have been effectively removed from any active operative functions.

    Both Page and Brin were replaced by an obvious puppet—an ethnic Indian, easily controlled by the Mo$$ad and the international Jewish Lobby, Sundar Pichai—who was appointed the new CEO of Google at the end of 2015.

    All of Google’s money projects were moved to Alphabet with Google retaining its core businesses: “Search, Ads, Maps, Apps, Android, and it’s propaganda arm, YouTube, complete with its official flaggers (and fellow Jewish tribalists) the Anti-Defamation League and the SPLC.

    AS STUDENTS AT STANFORD UNIVERSITY in 1994, Sergey Brin and Larry Page created a unique web crawling and page ranking application.

    What was distinctly notable was that their creation was funded by the Massive Digital Data Systems initiative, a project sponsored by the NSA, CIA, and the Director of Central Intelligence, to foster innovative research in information technology.

    Evidently, it was a Mo$$ad handler, Professor Jeffrey Ullman, acting in tandem with a CIA/Mo$$ad agent, Rick Steinheiser, that arranged the funding of Brin’s and Page’s search engine.

    Stanford has been tied to secret military research projects for decades and was the steam propelling Silicon Valley’s nexus with the Pentagon and the CIA.

    Creating the Massive Digital Data Systems Project (MDDS) to fund computer scientists at Stanford, the Pentagon and Intelligence Community (CIA/Mo$$ad) tapped into a ready-made way to track individuals and groups online…which led up to Google. View Entire Story Here.

    Strategic partner Mo$$ad was eager to increasingly connect with monied Jews of the Silicon Valley–(fourth largest Jewish community in the US)–who dominate the high-tech world, and grab some technology of their own while expanding its global network via cyber-science.

    Attached to multiple projects sponsored by the Pentagon, Professor Jeffrey Ullman and CIA’s Rick Steinheiser, recognized Brin and Page’s pioneering search-engine technology and pursued a long term goal: Control of the information highway.

    THE GATEWAY TO KNOWLEDGE is now in the hands of Jews given the Mo$$ad’s hidden ownership of Google, the world’s leading search engine.

    Google, along with its official Jewish censors, the Anti-Defamation League (administered by the Jew Eileen Hershenov) and the SPLC, decides what you’re allowed to know and not know.

    Do you want to find out how Jews control Hollywood on Google? You will never know.

    But if you wish to see how abortion is promoted and advanced, Google provides leading search results for the unborn and newly born.

    This endeavor of global Je wry, as Joseph Sobran pointed out years ago, is the destruction of Christian civilization, of which, historically, is at enmity with Jewish ideology.

    And that ideology, via Google, is pounded into the brains of every single goy.

    Brother Nathanael
    writer and blogger, founder of Truth Docs .

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